How to Use LinkedIn for Finding New People to Talk To

Imagine you're a detective looking for clues to find new friends who might need what you're selling. LinkedIn is like your digital magnifying glass, helping you find these people in a big online world. Here’s how you can become a super sleuth on LinkedIn and make new connections:

Understand People and Companies Better

First up, think of LinkedIn as a huge library filled with books about different companies and people. Some books tell you what a company does and how big it is, while others talk about what kind of work people do and what they like. Before you start talking to someone, you want to know which book to pick up. By understanding these "books" better, you can chat in a way that makes the other person think, "Hey, this person really gets me!"

Keep Track of Your New Friends

Just like you might keep a diary of the friends you meet and the fun things you talk about, it's good to keep notes on LinkedIn. This way, you won't forget what you talked about last time, and you can pick up the conversation easily. It shows you care, and people will notice that!

Use Cool Tools to Find the Right People

LinkedIn has a special tool called Sales Navigator. Think of it as your secret compass that helps you find the right people. By using special words or "keywords" that describe the people you're looking to meet, this compass points you in the right direction. Keep updating your compass with new words to find even more friends who might need your help.

How to Make It Work

  • Create Lists: Make lists of what you're looking for in companies and people. Use LinkedIn to help fill in these lists with real examples.
  • Organize Your Contacts: Keep your LinkedIn friends organized. Write down what you talked about and any important stuff to remember for next time.
  • Keep Your Tools Sharp: Always update your special compass (Sales Navigator) with new words to find the right people.
  • Be Friendly and Personal: When you send messages, make them friendly and about the person you're talking to. Show them you understand what they need and how you can help.
  • See What Works: Pay attention to which of your methods are making friends and which aren't. Keep improving your approach to make better connections.

Wrap Up

Using LinkedIn to meet new people is like being a friendly detective. You have to understand what makes people and companies special, keep good notes, use your tools wisely, and always be nice and personal in your chats. With some practice and patience, you'll be great at making new connections that can help you in your business. Remember, it's all about helping each other out and building good friendships along the way!